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We are Out Of The Blue, an 18-piece Jazz Big Band with a great female vocalist and are based in Birmingham, UK. Under the musical directorship of Jo James, our repertoire is drawn from the classic swing and Big Band arrangements of the Basie and Ellington era as well as latin, blues, soul, pop and even rock n’roll. We play a mix of music that crosses all genres and ages - there is something for everybody to enjoy!


Recent Gigs


March 31, 2023

What an amazing audience at The Bear Tavern in aid of Warley Woods Community Trust. A fabulous evening with the band playing playing really well and Jan Harris again at the top of her game, and brilliant performances from Rebecca Bazlov and guest vocalist Lee Hamblett. 

Download our Set List here.

February 04, 2023

Back at Thimblemill Library with a large, friendly and incredibly generous Thimblemill audience.

We played two great sets featuring the sublime, silky vocals of Jan Harris. The highlight of the evening was a vocal number by our pianist, Rebecca Bazlov. 

Download our Set List here.

December 03, 2022

Back at Solihull Methodist Church after a 3-year absence where we played two good sets featuring jazz arrangements of Christmas favourites. Thanks for the hospitality and reception we received and, as always, the biggest cheer was for our vocalist, Jan Harris.

Download our Set List here.

November 19, 2022

What fantastic hospitality we received at Feckenham Hall where we played two really good sets including several new numbers to one of the most appreciative audiences we have ever had. The band got a great reception, but there was an even bigger one for Jan Harris.

Download our Set List here.

September 11, 2022

Another great gig back at Moor Green Allotments. The weather was good and still warm, excellent beer and food available and a brilliant venue. We played two sets to an appreciative audience and again Jan Harris was the star of the show. 

Download our Set List here.

OOTB at Thimblemill Library

OOTB at Himley Hall and Park

OOTB at Halesowen Cricket Club

OOTB at Solihull Methodist Church

OOTB at Feckenham Hall

OOTB at Thimblemill Library

OOTB at Thimblemill Library

OOTB at Thimblemill Library

OOTB at Thimblemill Library

OOTB at Thimblemill Library

OOTB at Halesowen Cricket Club

OOTB at LAYCA Centre

OOTB at Thimblemill Library

OOTB at LAYCA Centre



Musical Director
Jo James


1st Alto Sax - Martin Leeson
2nd Alto Sax - Linda Cullen
1st Tenor Sax - Dave Badger
2nd Tenor Sax - Noel Warr
Baritone Sax - Phil Murray


1st Trombone - Lewis Robertson
2nd Trombone - Matthew Powell
3rd Trombone - Michael Lacoult
Bass Trombone - Colin Howard



1st Trumpet - Nick Frost
2nd Trumpet - John Sheard
3rd Trumpet - TBA
4th Trumpet - Gill Kelly

Rhythm Section

Keyboards - Rebecca Bazlov
Bass - Bob (Fred) Walker
Drums - Alex Robertson
Guitar - Neil Bevan


Jan Harris

Band Line-up




Future Gigs



Want to learn more about Out Of The Blue Big Band, their music, gigs and how to book them? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Jo James, Musical Director

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